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Mass Effect Andromeda: New Romance Gameplay, Tips
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Mass Effect Andromeda: New Romance Gameplay, Tips

N7 fans may not be able to contain their excitement after the official reveal of Mass Effect Andromeda. However, the devs have more news about its gameplay. It appears there’s more to the game than the new setting, and massive changes are on its way – including to its romance system.

The hit sci-fi game was known for its in-depth storytelling and options. It may not be an open-world title, but the vastness of its lore offered hours and hours of gameplay. However, one iconic aspect of the game is its capacity to offer a wide range of romances to the player, depending on the way he or she interacts with the cast.

Devs from BioWare explained there’s a new way of romance in Mass Effect Andromeda. While no specifics were given, Game Informer tells that creative director Mac Walters understood that romances will have to be more realistic and natural.

This means there are kinds of conversations that will lead to long-term relationships, and those that will lead to casual moments in bed.

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This will be reflected in the different wants and needs of characters, to be reflected in the dialogue. Some characters will even take more time to woo because of their emotional barriers. BioWare even got rid of its “hard line,” meaning all characters can be romanced depending on how you interact with them.

Perhaps the best addition to the romance feature is that this also allows players to develop platonic relationships. This opens new “bros” moment between characters.

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Mass Effect Andromeda: New Trailer Tease

Sadly, BioWare still did not reveal just how much of these characters will be available and how many of them can be romanced. It appears the game will have “more romances” than in the other games.

However, fans may also want to hang on their seats with massive trailer teases from BioWare.

It appears BioWare will finally reveal the first gameplay footage of the game during Game Awards 2016 on December 1. A Tweet confirms that the footage will be exclusively shown at the event. However, it will most likely be in social media accounts soon after.

It can be remembered that loyalty missions and teammates will be returning to the sequel. With the news about the romance part of the game as well, then it might be a bigger and better Mass Effect than ever before.

The game will have a March 2017 launch for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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