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Japan Earthquake 2016: 7.4 Magnitude Quake Hits Fukushima Nuclear Plant Area
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Japan Earthquake 2016: 7.4 Magnitude Quake Hits Fukushima Nuclear Plant Area

The latest Japan Earthquake 2016 news has caused widespread panic amongst citizens. An earthquake of 7.4 magnitude has reportedly struck the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Area. However, there is speculation about its impact on the plant itself.

The Washington Times reports of the powerful Japan Earthquake 2016 which struck the Fukushima coast. Coastal residents were issued warnings by Japanese authorities after this earthquake struck. The Japan Meteorological Agency also issued tsunami warnings for waves up to 3 metres in the area. A tsunami warning has also been issued for the remainder of the Pacific coast in northeast Japan as well. Tsunamis up to a whopping 3 feet were also recorded only an hour after the earthquake struck at 6 AM.

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The Fukushima prefecture was badly impacted by the Japan Earthquake 2016 as per reports. The prefecture houses this nuclear power plant. The Fukushima nuclear power plant was destroyed by a massive tsunami in the year 2011. This occurred after an off shore earthquake took place as well.

However, plant operators have talked about no abnormalities or other issues detected so far. However, several reporters and even the chief Cabinet secretary, the cooling system is not functioning. This reactor #3 cooling system may not, however, be an immediate hazard.

Other Details That Were Unearthed

The Geological Survey of the United States measured the earthquake magnitude at 6.9. The earthquake led to buildings violently shaking in Tokyo. The city lies almost 240 kilometres away from the zone. The earthquake reportedly hit with a depth of 6 miles.

Citizens are being urged to evacuate the area immediately. They are also being warned about the earlier earthquake in 2011. 18, 000 people were killed as per last reports in the 2011 earthquake. Heavy reports that there are speculations regarding the impact of the quake on the power plant.

Tsunami waves did enter the nuclear power plant. However, it is still unknown whether any damage was caused. The plant suffered huge damage in 2011 with several reactors being damaged permanently. It has a sister Fukushima Nuclear II plant which is run by TEPCO.

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