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WWE News: The Undertaker, CM Punk Returns to Wrestlemania 33
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WWE News: The Undertaker, CM Punk Returns to Wrestlemania 33

CM Punk discusses his return on Wrestlemania 33 in recent WWE news. In addition, The Undertaker is rumored to be making another appearance as well on the said event.

There has been WWE news speculations everywhere about the return of CM Punk in the wrestling spectacle. After a not so good start with UFC, rumors have been running around that the wrestler-turned-mixed martial artist is coming back to WWE.

In addition, another WWE news spreading around is The Undertaker fighting either John Cena or Randy Orton in Wrestlemania 33. Furthermore, he is said to be retiring after the rumored match marking his 26th year with WWE.

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WWE NEWS: CM Punk Back on WWE?

CM Punk parted ways with WWE in January of 2014. In a two-hour podcast interview with his good friend Colt Cabana, he revealed his reasons why he left WWE. Apart from his general dissatisfaction, he also opened up about WWE Chair, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Ryback and especially the WWE doctors.

After leaving, the wrestler opted to join UFC. His debut fight was with Mickey Gall on September 2016. He lost to the experienced jiu-jitsu fighter on the first round via submission. The fight proved his inexperience and how unready he was to take on the ultimate fighting competition.

After that, CM Punk vowed to train harder. However, sources are saying that the wrestler is returning to WWE. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, never know to be subtle, responds to the WWE news via a tweet.

While his tweet seems a bit cryptic, sources deciphered that CM Punk is actually confirming that he will not return to WWE.

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WWE NEWS: The Undertaker Retires After Wrestlemania 33?

HNGN shares another rumored WWE news about the legend that is The Undertaker. According to the site, the future WWE Hall of Famer is going to be fighting either Randy Orton or John Cena.

The first rumor is that the old-timer will fight against the Wyatt Family and eventually win a fight against Kane. Following that is a match up against another WWE veteran, Randy Orton.

The other WWE news rumor is that The Undertaker will defeat Styles in a WWE World Championship Match. At the same time, John Cena will win against Rumble. The two, then is said to be facing off each other at Wrestlemania 33.

While both of these are still predictions, the franchise has yet to announce anything official.

While the wrestler was previously subjected to retirement rumors after Wrestlemania 32, others are assuming he will eventually stop at 33. Since signing with WWE in 1990, he has had a lot of physical beat-ups and his body is not getting any stronger due to age. This is the reason why some are speculating that Wrestlemania 33 is his final match.

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