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Watch Dogs 2 Update Fixes Bugs, Ruins Multiplayer!

Watch Dogs 2 Update Fixes Bugs, Ruins Multiplayer!

Players may have to wait just a little while longer before they can play the multiplayer features of Watch Dogs 2. An update may not fix everything.

Ubisoft’s Update 1.04 will be launched to fix some of the most pressing issues in the game. However, the developers affirm that this will not include a fix to the various online issues plaguing the game.

The update deals with the rather explicit NPC model that players found offensive. It also fixes bugs with emotes, weapon wheels, and performance boosts.

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Watch Dogs 2: Hacking Extraordinaire

The full list of patches is as follows:

  • [XB1/PS4] [Bug / Glitch] Emote Wheel Swap – Bug where emotes and weapon wheel become intermixed is now fixed
  • [XB1/PS4] [Bug / Glitch] Explicit NPC Model – We’ve updated one NPC model that was previously explicit. Nudity on other male and female NPCs has not been changed
  • [PS4] [Performance] Graphics / Low FPS / Pro – PS4 Pro performance should be improved with this patch
  • [XB1/PS4] [Bug / Glitch] Phone App Disappears – Some players encountered a bug causing their phone apps to disappear. The fix will recover the missing apps
  • [XB1/PS4] [Performance] Graphics / Low FPS / Nudle – Framerate during the “Limp Nudle” mission has been improved

However, there appears to be some sliver of hope. According to Ubisoft, the game’s seamless multiplayer mode could be back in a few days.

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It can be noted that while players can still enjoy the game’s single-player experience, its multiplayer is quite teased a lot. Players can reportedly just “randomly” join a player’s server to help or wreak havoc. Additionally, this gives the spirit of community within the players.

Watch Dogs 2 is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players will still have to wait for the PC version to be released on November 29. Hopefully it wouldn’t have the same amount of bugs as in these versions.

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