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NBA 2KVR Experience Releasing Soon, Trophy List Leaked
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NBA 2KVR Experience Releasing Soon, Trophy List Leaked

Basketball fans will bet at the edge of their seats. 2K Games is bound to make an NBA 2KVR announcement, and the trophies appear to be already here.

The surprise came after what appears to be a trophy list leaked in websites. It appears the game will be called the NBA 2KVR Experience and it will be available for the PlayStation 4 using the new PSVR system.

Sadly, there is still no official news about the game’s existence. However, it appears the game will be player oriented and will put gamers “in the moment.” The nature of VR, in that it’s immersive, allows players to be in the limelight – probably in the shoes of their favorite players.

Hopefully the game will be able to recreate some fan-favorite moments. Meanwhile, players may want to wait for a trailer.

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NBA 2KVR: Life in the Court

Expohase has the complete list of trophies for the game so far. There are 13 of them, all pertaining to certain achievements in something called the Solo mode.

This may appear to solidify rumors that the game may be immersive to one-player experiences. However, there are still no news if there will be a multiplayer iteration of the game.

The trophies appear as follows:

  • Trickster
  • Shootster
  • Party Time
  • Friend Zone
  • Fueled Up
  • Tricked Out
  • The Alternator
  • Ultimate Challenger
  • Three-Point Master
  • Time Lord
  • Sink King
  • Missin’ Impossible

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The Solo mode appears to be comprised of multiple challenges. Additionally, there appears to be a Skills Challenge course that may assess the aptitude of the players.

There are familiar game modes as well, such as Three-Point games and Time Attack challenges. Meanwhile, an intriguing feature is something called the Party Single and Party Tournament Events.

However, given the nature of VR games so far and the trophy requirements, NBA 2KVR Experience may be a time-oriented game.

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