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MLB Trade Rumors: LA Dodgers to Acquire Logan Forsythe?
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MLB Trade Rumors: LA Dodgers to Acquire Logan Forsythe?

MLB Trade Rumors are abuzz about Logan Forsythe being acquired by the LA Dodgers. The Dodgers have reportedly shown their interest in Forsythe already. The Dodgers need to fill up vacancies at second and third base.

MLB Trade Rumors report that Justin Turner and Chase Utley are both free agents now. Forsythe will help the Dodgers by playing at both these positions. The Dodgers will also like his right handed hitting abilities.

Forsythe has played 127 games this year. He already has 52 RBIs in tandem with .264/.333/.444. He also has 46 walks and 20 home runs. ESPN reports that Forsythe is due to get a whopping $8.5 million in the next season. This is going to be the last year guaranteed as per his present contract. This contract also includes a $1 million buyout for 2018 as an option.

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The Dodgers had earlier held talks with the Rays as per MLB Trade Rumors. Forsythe was definitely a major talking point as per reports. True Blue La talks of how the Dodgers are grappling with the absence of a suitable second baseman.

Will Andrew Friedman Have a Role to Play? 

The Dodgers are also interested in snapping up Jon Morosi. However, the club has already been pushing to land Forsythe first. Forsythe was bought by the Rays prior to the season in 2014. Interestingly, Andrew Friedman played a major role in his acquisition.

Friedman is the present president of baseball operations at the LA Dodgers. He was earlier at the Rays when they decided to get Forsythe. This has sparked further rumors of Forsythe making a similar move to the Dodgers under Friedman’s watch.

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Forsythe would be a more reasonable option in comparison to Ian Kinsler for the Dodgers. Forsythe will be a cheaper trade solution and would command a lower salary too. Time will tell whether Forsythe is snapped up by the Dodgers or not.

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