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Home and Away 2016 Spoilers: Is Braxton Returning?
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Home and Away 2016 Spoilers: Is Braxton Returning?

Home and Away 2016 spoilers have been tantalizing fans for a very long time now. Braxton has been witnessed quite briefly by viewers this year. However, will the character be returning to the show?

This is the biggest question centering on Home and Away 2016 spoilers. Actor Steve Peacocke plays Braxton. Will he come back to this famous Australian television series? Australia Network News had the actor talking about the character’s return.

Peacocke talked of how there are no plans for Darryl Braxton or Brax in the immediate future. This will come as a major shocker to a large chunk of Home and Away 2016 fans. Peacocke talked of his fond memories and the “good holiday” that he is enjoying now. He also talked of not desiring to reprise the character again since one has to move on.

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Home and Away 2016 may lose a section of its viewership with Braxton’s absence. Peacocke had earlier stated that he wished to be part of the show in the near future. However, his recent opinion seems totally opposite to this desire.

Will Peacocke Return At All? 

He has played this character for five years and won three Logie Awards as well. Peacocke has appeared in this year’s show only briefly. Last year, the character faked his death while trying to break out of prison.

The eldest Braxton sibling finally left Summer Bay for good with Ricky Sharpe and Casey. Peacocke reportedly tried to make it in Hollywood after leaving the show. He has talked of how leaving the show had made him an actor who is not much in demand.

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The star has earlier confirmed that he has not received many Hollywood offers since leaving the show. Peacocke has earlier worked in Me Before You. He also worked in the latest Hercules film. He is currently playing a pivotal role in the Wanted television series. The 2nd Season of this show is slated to commence next year.

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