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Destiny Bans Known Cheaters, Consoles – How to Avoid Ban?

Destiny Bans Known Cheaters, Consoles – How to Avoid Ban?

Today is bad news for cheaters. Bungie said Destiny bans all over the globe will be commencing, starting with known cheaters and consoles.

The issue of cheating is a permeating issue in a lot of video games. After all, who wouldn’t want an easier gaming experience? Unfortunately, online platforms and games such as Destiny couldn’t afford to have cheaters. They simply break the game and ruin experience for others.

However, it appears Bungie isn’t extending the hand of mercy anymore. Community manager Cozmo said Bungie will be issuing serious Destiny bans that even block entire consoles.

Players can view the whole announcement in the Bungie website. However, a lot of people are being banned especially those with “history of banned or restricted accounts.”

Players have to be careful because consoles identified to be used by players with Destiny restrictions can also be banned.

Regardless, there appears to be some sort of Destiny update for Sony’s PlayStation Experience event in December.

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Destiny Bans: Any Way Out?

Players that receive a ban notification will lose access to activities in-game. They can only participate once more once the ban has been lifted. However, players with activity restrictions can still access the game in some level.

However, players with bans can lose some items related to events. These include weapons, armors, consumables, missions and vanity items.

Players have to be careful because they can get banned with modified assets, hardware and firmware. They can also be banned if they use an external software to modify the game, automate gameplay, and even interrupt the game’s traffic.

Impersonating employees and intentionally scamming players can also merit bans.

Sadly, there are no options to dispute or overturn account restrictions. They are only temporary, but this needs to be a word of warning.

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Regardless, Destiny still brings a lot of news to players. Thanksgiving may even bring tons of new content for the game. Interestingly, Destiny 2 will also be arriving next year. However, there are still no broad details about the hit game’s sequel.

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