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Battlefield Guide: How to Get New Tags, Weapons, Bonuses!
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Battlefield Guide: How to Get New Tags, Weapons, Bonuses!

EA and DICE will be helping players celebrate the momentous release of their World War shooter. Battlefield games will have a “Battlefest” event with bonuses.

“Battlefest” will be available in other flagship titles such as Battlefield 4Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 3.

The event will have a ton of surprises, including items and weapons to be unlocked. According to a Battlefield 1 blog post, anyone who simply logs in between November 16 and 27 will have a dog tag.

However, this reward will be handed out on November 28. For Insider subscribers prior to November 16, a special dog tag will also be awarded to them. There will also be new iterations of Battlepacks through the week.

Fans will also be delighted to see new custom games such as Fog of War and Hardcore. Here is a full rundown of events.

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Thursday (Nov. 17): Players who complete the PTFO Battlefest Mission will have an exclusive PTFO weapon skin. They can do this by playing the game in different days during Battlefest.

Players can earn a Road to Battlefield 1 Dog Tag and an M1911 Incarcerator weapon skin in Battlefield 1 by getting 25 kills with the M1911.

Friday (November 18): Players will get good deals on games for the Black Friday Sale. Gamers can even fight developers in the $FridayNightBattlefield Battlefest in a multitude of servers. This event grants a Friday Night Dog Tag. This is a good opportunity to level up as players will get double XP as well.



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Battlefield: Battlefest Festivities

Sunday (November 20): The weekend remains good as players can learn how to PTFO through helpful videos of veterans.

Wednesday (November 23): The promised Veteran dog tags will be awarded to players who have played the previous games in the franchise. Meanwhile, there will be a CTE Veteran Dog Tag for players that were part of the Community Test Environment in previous games.


Friday (November 25): This will be the same as November 18’s events, which will cap off the festivities for the rest of the game.

The game has had a successful and monumental launch given its outstanding premise. The shooter is set in World War I, which opens a new dynamic of gameplay and storytelling not seen in other games.

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