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Super Mario Run Android Release: When is it Arriving? / Nintendo Mobile

Super Mario Run Android Release: When is it Arriving?

Apple and Nintendo fans were ecstatic when Shigeru Miyamoto himself announced Super Mario Run for the iOS. And just early this week, Nintendo revealed that the game will come to iPhone and iPad on December 15 of this year. But now people are asking a new question. When will Nintendo release Super Mario Run Android edition?

Well the simple answer to that question is probably sometime in 2017. That’s really all the information we have. At the very least, we do know it will arrive to Android eventually. Kotaku confirmed this themselves through Nintendo.

The exact words were:

We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.

Implying that it’s not going to be an immediate follow-up to the iOS release. And considering the iOS comes out halfway through December of this year, it seems unlikely we’ll see a 2016 release.

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Super Mario Run Android and iOS

Nintendo announced Super Mario Run a few months ago during the Apple Conference. The game is essentially a Mario take on the endless runner mobile genre and will have three game modes.

In World Tour players will navigate through different courses collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. The obstacles come in the form of classic Mario enemies such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Piranha Plants. This mode will feature 6 worlds and 24 different courses.

The next mode is Toad Rally and is the multiplayer aspect of Super Mario Run. In this mode, players will compete with their friends on who can complete courses with the most points.

And the final mode is something called Kingdom Builder. By the sounds of things, you can use the coins you earn in World Tour to build your own kingdom with over 100 different items to choose from. Sounds like something to do in between courses or when you just want to pass the time.

Super Mario Run arrives on the App Store on December 15, 2016. Players can download the game for free, but the full version will cost $9.99.

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