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Savitar Flash Season 3: Self-Declared God of Speed Explained
Savitar, the god of speed

Savitar Flash Season 3: Self-Declared God of Speed Explained

Flash/Barry (Grant Gustin) will tackle the toughest challenge in his life with the appearance of his new nemesis Savitar in Flash Season 3 Episode 6.

The new nemesis is totally different from Zoom, Reverse Flash, The Rival or other speedsters on The Flash. He dons transformer armor and has neon blue eyes. He has more power than any other speedster.

The Flash Unveils New Super Villain

In the episode titled Shades, Barry, and a SWAT team were about to arrest Dr. Alchemy (Tobin Bell). However, Barry ultra-high speed white streaks appeared and zipped around Alchemy’s hideout.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) and the SWAT members could not see anything. Barry did see the light streaks.

The neon blue-eyed Savitar then appeared picked up Barry and shoved him against the wall.

When asked who he is, evil speedster replies, “Savitar, the god of speed.”

Evil Villain Savitar Has More Powers

But who is Savitar? He is a dark master of the speed force.

He is an Eastern Bloc military pilot, based on The Flash: Secret Files and Origins. He was a test pilot for an experimental supersonic plane when a freak accident occurred. He absorbed speed powers when lightning coming from Speed Force struck the plane.

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The event transpired sometime after the retirement of original Flash Jay Garrick and the appearance of the second Flash, Barry Allen.

Already cruel and vicious, Savitar used his power to gain more power. He deemed his power to be a divine gift. Thus, then he took on the name Savitar, the Hindu god of motion.

Savitar has advanced speed force powers. He has the ability to absorb the speed and motion of objects thrown against him.

He can also steal speed powers from other speedsters near him. On top of these powers, he could also lend kinetic energy to others.

Savitar has acquired a mastery of the Speed Force that grants him healing powers, faster than other speedsters.

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