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Pokemon GO Spawn Rate Increases, Gives  More Time to Catch Pokemon

Pokemon GO Spawn Rate Increases, Gives More Time to Catch Pokemon

It seems Pokemon GO developer Niantic is listening to their fans by releasing a new update to the mobile game that nearly quadruples spawn times.

What this means is that once a Pokemon spawns in your area, it’s no longer a mad dash to catch it before it gets away.

So if you’re in the middle of something important, you don’t have to immediately postpone what you’re doing just to capture a Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO Increases Spawn Times

So how long do Pokemon stay around now? Well it seems Niantic increased the spawn time from the previously known 15 minutes to 30 minutes. And in some cases, Pokemon will stay around for up to an hour.

Popular Reddit community The Silph Road are the ones that discovered this change in spawn rate. To be specific, it was Reddit user koerrie that posted his observations regarding the spawn rate of Pokemon in Belgium.

According to koerrie, he observed the time between the first time a Pokemon appeared and when it despawned. He did this for a span of 12 hours from November 13, 0:00 UTC up to November 13, 12:00 UTC.

During this time period he observed that out of 7087 spawns, 6387 of them were 30 minute spawns. In addition to that, the remaining 700 were 60 minute spawns. An interesting thing to note is that these observations imply that 15 minute spawns are now gone.

The Mic reports that this could potentially make it easier to catch Pokemon. With the increase in spawn times, it becomes a lot less stressful to grab the Pokemon you want once it appears in the app.

However, as mentioned earlier, koerrie made these observations in Belgium. Given that Pokemon GO does use your location to work properly, it’s possible that this might still be a regional thing.

At the same time though, this wouldn’t be the first time Niantic increased spawn times. During the Halloween update, Pokemon that fit the season had increased spawn time as well. So it might be that they decided to increase the spawn time for all Pokemon after the positive reception of that update.

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