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MLB Dodgers Trade Rumors: Trading Ian Kinsler to LA Dodgers- Is it a Good Decision?
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MLB Dodgers Trade Rumors: Trading Ian Kinsler to LA Dodgers- Is it a Good Decision?

MLB Dodgers trade rumors are spreading about Ian Kinsler being traded by the Tigers. Kinsler may be traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Critics have questioned the feasibility of this decision.

MLB Dodgers Trade Rumors are pointing at a direct deal for Kinsler from the Detroit Tigers. Will it make  a good move? Detroit Free Press reports that the Kinsler and J.D. Martinez are hugely sought after by several teams. Kinsler is being linked to the Los Angeles Dodgers according to Jon Paul Morosi. The Tigers are reportedly in talks with the Dodgers for this trade.

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The Dodgers have been considering second base options and Kinsler is one among four players on the radar. The Tigers are also looking at reducing their overall payroll for the season. They wish to steer clear of the MLB limits on the luxury tax.

The Dodgers had a whopping $279 million payroll in the last season. The Tigers are also reportedly interested in Cody Bellinger. The Tigers are also said to be interested in the farm system implemented by the LA Dodgers.

What Could Complicate Matters?

Kinsler is owed $11 million for the final year left on his contract. He also has a $5 million buyout and $12 million option for 2018. Kinsler also possesses a no-trade clause pertaining to a total of 10 teams. As per the player’s agent Jay Franklin, the Dodgers may well fall on that list.

This would make it next to impossible to buy Kinsler as far as the Dodgers are concerned. Kinsler would require a contract extension o waive off his no-trade clause. However, the Tigers may not be in the right shape to make the trade.

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Fox Sports reports that Kinsler’s permission is needed for this trade. Kinsler has already had one of his best offensive seasons. However, his extension requirements would make trading more complex. This may force the Tigers to look at other clubs minus any restrictions.

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