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Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae to Marry Soon?
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Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae to Marry Soon?

Lee Min Ho is reportedly going to marry Suzy Bae. There are reports of the couple getting married very soon. Lee Min Ho is reportedly awaiting the expiration of Bae’s JYP contract.

Suzy Bae will finish her contract on the 31st of March, 2017. Lee Min Ho will then go ahead with wedding preparations as per reports. Min Ho is starring in the eagerly awaited film The Legend of the Blue Sea.

What Lee Min Ho Said

Lee Min Ho has already confirmed that no secret nuptials would take place this year. HNGN reports that Bae has worked with JYP for 7 years. There is no word on whether she is going to renew her contract. Suzy has also come in for criticism from fans on her last television series. Jia has left Miss A, Bae’s group. The new Twice girl group has also debuted successfully in the K-pop scene.

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Lee Min Ho and Suzy are reportedly considering a mid 2017 wedding. This will happen before Min Ho is enlisted in the military. Lee Min Ho has always supported and protected Suzy against irate fans and the media. The couple started dating in March 2015.

Fans are waiting with bated breath to see when the two will get married. However, no official dates are available yet. Several people have also rubbished these wedding rumors online. Many of these people think that Suzy Bae is not at the right age for marriage.

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Many also feel that she may not make an ideal and contended wife. Lee Min Ho should also focus on his career more according to fans. There is talk of him starring in the Train to Busan 2 sequel. This might require him to get more involved in shooting the film. He may not really have time to plan out and execute a grand wedding.

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