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Angelina Jolie Dating Only Women Now, Turns Lesbian? (Rumors)
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Angelina Jolie Dating Only Women Now, Turns Lesbian? (Rumors)

Is Angelina Jolie dating only women now? Has she turned lesbian? Rumors talk of how Jolie is completely going off men after her split.

Angelina Jolie recently split from Brad Pitt. Inquisitr reports that Jolie is completely swearing off men. Jolie has reportedly conveyed to her pals that she will never consider men again. Angelina has also been in close contact with Jenny Shimizu since her divorce.

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Ever since her divorce, Angelina Jolie has reached out to her ex-lesbian lover Shimizu. Shimizu is presently wedded to socialite Michelle Harper. However, the chances of her and Jolie getting back together are remote.

Will Angelina Jolie Turn Lesbian?

There may be no romantic union between the two former lovers as per sources. However, Jolie getting in touch with Shimizu may hint at her state of mind. Shimizu has reportedly claimed that Jolie wants to start dating women again.

Jenny has been told that Angelina has been done with men at present. Jolie reportedly wishes to explore lesbian relationships again. Shimizu did the Foxfire film with Jolie in 1996. It was during this film that they showcased a romance onscreen. Angelina had earlier stated that she wanted to marry Shimizu.

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She would probably have married Shimizu in case she did not marry her husband. This was an earlier statement of Jolie. She talked of how she “fell in love with her the first second I saw her”.

Shimizu also stated that she and Jolie hooked up for several years after the film released. Shimizu talked of the “wonderful relationship” she shared with Jolie. Several people even thought earlier that Angelina Jolie would finally end up with another woman.

Angelina Jolie has already had several lesbian flings over the years. She is now single and has filed for custody of her six children. It remains to be seen whether she dates a woman again.

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