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Watch Dogs 2 : 7 Ways to Get More Followers

Watch Dogs 2 : 7 Ways to Get More Followers

In a world where fame and power are measured by followers in social media, Watch Dogs 2 sure know how to spice things up. Here’s how to get them in the game.

Watch Dogs 2 is the successor to the 2013 hit Watch Dogs. The game is praised for being levels ahead of its predecessor with its new gameplay and story mechanics. Its world is now more immersive than before. The inclusion of companions also made the game experience more fun and enjoyable.  However, an iconic feature the game has is a team called DedSec.

This is the hacktivist organization the protagonist joins in order to do their activities.

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DedSec, given that its primary outlet is online media, also has followers. These followers allow you to be a more powerful hacker by expanding your skillsets. The game offers quite a good system in making sure getting them feel very realistic.

Followers act like the game’s “experience.” A certain threshold will allow you to “level up” and research on a lot of things. Research points may be gained by hacking specific points but are difficult to reach. Therefore leveling up may be the best bet in making sure your team is the best in the game. The feature is important because this also allows you to unlock features in the main game world. According to Eurogamer, here are the best ways to get them.

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Watch Dogs 2: A Hacking Revolution

Main and Side Operations are the best way to gain followers. These are the main and side missions that let you progress through the story. The first CyberDriver mission will even get you a handful 27,000 to 46,000 which you can spend on a lot of points. The last mission Motherload will even provide you 402,800 followers in one sitting.

Online Operations and other multiplayer activities are a bit tricky given the game’s sticky multiplayer dilemma. Regardless, these missions offer five figures of followers. Since these operations are randomized and are therefore infinite, this is the best way to get followers if you’re in a hurry. Players can also assist others in their endeavors by hunting them down and claim Bounty for themselves. Pranksters can get experience points by hacking other players as well.

Driver SF and Races will have you cruise around the city in driving missions or have you participate in races. These earn a significant amount of followers and let you enjoy a little need for speed with the game’s amazing cars.

Lastly, ScoutX will have you take snaps on locations. These are simple tasks and generate small numbers of followers. Its nature makes it the least recommendable process to level up, but hey it returns rewards for your efforts.

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