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Pokemon GO Cheats, Hacks: How to Create New PokeStops In Your Vicinity

Pokemon GO Cheats, Hacks: How to Create New PokeStops In Your Vicinity

Pokemon GO players will understand that the suburbs is not a good spot for PokeStops. However, it seems the game finally offers a secret way to make them.

Chris Burns from SlashGear reiterated his experience of wanting to contribute to the overall Pokemon GO experience. However, like other players, his attempts to contact Niantic Labs or back-engineering the game have been failing him. However, he did share in an article that a user named TheFarix may have helped him solve this predicament.

Avid fans of the game will remember that Niantic Labs is also the creator of their other game – Ingress. The game is also an augmented reality game that allows users to log in to “Portals” that are similar to PokeStops in Pokemon GO. Interestingly, all Portals in the previous Niantic Game are also found in Pokemon GO.

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According to TheFarix, the best way to make a PokeStop is to apply for new Portals. Sadly, Ingress does not allow this anymore. This poses a big problem for those living in big cities, as there are PokeStops almost anywhere.

So what’s the solution? People living in smaller towns can access Seed Portals or places without photos and names. These exist in towns with very low populations that almost no one played the game there yet. Google’s Panoramio helped make them back when Ingress first appeared. Burns said people can turn these into stops with any luck.

Players just have to find these secret stops and take photos of them and add descriptions. This means they have to install Ingress as well.

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Pokemon GO: The Problem With Levelling

Farix confirmed on Reddit that it may take two to three months before Niantic Labs accept the new stops. They may be transformed into stops approximately two to three weeks after that.

Sadly, this is the only way so far to be able to find new PokeStops. Until Niantic Labs offers a registration feature or becomes more active in their responses, we are stuck with this option for now.

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