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Nostradamus Predictions 2016: Is World End Drawing Near?
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Nostradamus Predictions 2016: Is World End Drawing Near?

Nostradamus predictions 2016 seem to suggest that the world will end pretty soon. Many of the French seer’s predictions have come true already. This is sparking fears of a possible apocalypse.

Nostradamus predictions 2016 have mostly been correct. However, believers are worried about the prediction of a Third World War between two major powers. This war is predicted to take place throughout 27 years.

Nostradamus predictions 2016 talk of a comet appearing in the sky. There will be major natural disasters and nuclear wars plaguing the Earth. A giant planet will then be approaching our planet with catastrophic consequences.

Parent Herald reports that earlier Nostradamus predictions on Donald Trump’s victory, ISI and the World Trade Centre attacks have been accurate. The Quatrain 81 predictions talk of the “shameless, audacious brawler…elected governor of the army”.

Nostradamus has reportedly predicted the largest earthquake in the world which will hit western USA. New Zealand is already being struck by huge earthquakes. Removal of taxes has also been predicted by Nostradamus. This may be adopted by Donald Trump.

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He has predicted that “people refuse to pay the tax to the king”. With a huge revolt, taxation systems will finally end. Trump already has plans to lower taxes and spend more amounts on beefing up infrastructure.

What Can Happen In Future?

Nostradamus has already predicted a global nuclear apocalypse. He clearly hints at Donald Trump being the harbinger of a global World War. Trump may lead the United States into a direct nuclear war that could destroy the planet.

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Since many of the French seer’s predictions have come true, many are fearing a possible apocalypse. Nostradamus seems to point at Trump as the third anti-Christ. The earlier ones were Napoleon and Hitler as per believers.

It remains to be seen whether these prophecies are really accurate. Many non-followers have also claimed that these are false.

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