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Dwayne Johnson – Sexiest Man Alive 2016 Sings for Next Disney Film ‘Moana’
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Dwayne Johnson – Sexiest Man Alive 2016 Sings for Next Disney Film ‘Moana’

Movie star Dwayne Johnson will sing for Moana, an upcoming Disney film. The Rock will lend his voice to one of the characters in this film. The actor is reportedly nervous about doing justice to his part in this eagerly awaited Disney movie.

Dwayne Johnson has revealed his nervousness about singing in the film. However, Johnson might be aided by his regular habit of singing for his little daughter. Johnson’s character in the movie is the demigod of the sea and wind or the hero of men. This character is named Maui. His practice of singing to his daughter will stand him in good stead.

Dwayne Johnson has sung earlier in other films as well. In earlier films, he has played musical instruments, danced and sang too. However, Moana is creating a lot more pressure on the actor. He reportedly feels nervous since it is a big ticket Disney film. He also spoke about how honored he feels to be a part of something like this.

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He talked about how Disney movies always come with the best voices and singers. As a result, he is anxious about executing his role to perfection. The recording for the song took six hours according to Dwayne Johnson. His performance was also praised later by the Disney top brass according to iTech Post.

What Dwayne Johnson Also Said

Johnson labels it a nerve wracking experience. He also talked of how this Disney movie would inspire many people. Johnson is famous as The Rock, a pivotal figure in the World Wrestling Entertainment world. He has been a champion athlete and wrestler along with being a popular movie star.

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There are fans of the actor who are waiting with bated breath to hear him sing for a film. Moana marks something radically different for Johnson. He is usually known to pick action oriented stuff. This shows that the actor is steadily opening up to newer opportunities and different roles.

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