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The Walking Dead: Judith’s Real Father Finally Revealed?
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The Walking Dead: Judith’s Real Father Finally Revealed?

The Walking Dead finally caps one of the series’ most intriguing questions. An emotional conversation between Rick and Michonne reveals Judith’s past.

Recent The Walking Dead episodes have been very rough for fans. This is especially since Negan is doing very well in establishing his superiority among the Alexandrians. However, tensions start to rise when secrets are unveiled within the main characters.

A recent conversation has finally closed the deal on one of the most mysterious questions that plague fans through the years. Just who is Judith Grimes’ father?

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Baby Judith has been the source of some cute moments and some panicky ones in the zombie-ridden world of the series. It can be remembered that back in 2010, Rick’s absence led to a new relationship between his wife Lori and police partner Shane Walsh. While Rick is hell-bent in finding where his family was, the strained relationship between the two made for some intense encounters.

While the world was falling apart, Rick was in a hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. Everyone thought Rick was dead, so Lori and Shane were stuck with each other. When Lori died giving birth to Judith, her parentage has been under constant questions through the years.

However, last Sunday’s episode may have finally closed the deal.

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The Walking Dead: Dreadful Future

Rick opened up to his new love Michonne during the recent episode, back when everyone was still panicking about Negan and his threat. The protagonist finally revealed what he thinks about Judith’s true parentage to Michonne.

He explained that he had a “partner” that got Lori and Carl to “safety” by the time the apocalypse started. This was when he was at the hospital, meaning he had no idea what happened. When the two of them thought he was dead, they were together.

That was when he dropped the bomb. He said he knew Judith wasn’t his but he will love her as his daughter nonetheless.

Rick also acknowledged that he may not make it till the end, but he will at least try to teach her how to survive before he dies. He then pleads with Michonne that she could at least understand what was going on and why he had to make his decisions to “keep everyone else alive.”

Michonne actress Danai Gurira told that the confession is painful. While she does love him, she understands that the things Rick is hiding is making it difficult for him to decide for the both of them.

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