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Supermoon 2016: When, Where, and How to Watch Largest Moon in 69 Years?

Supermoon 2016: When, Where, and How to Watch Largest Moon in 69 Years?

Supermoon 2016 updates have been tantalizing sky watchers and enthusiasts worldwide. This is the full Beaver Moon in November. This is reportedly the largest moon witnessed in a whopping 69 years!

This has added a whole new level of excitement to Supermoon 2016 sightings. has reported that this happens when the moon’s orbit around the Earth is at its closest approach point. The full Beaver Moon will be at its peak on the morning of 14th November, Monday. However, it will be visible for enthusiasts on both days before and after the main sighting.

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This is the second of three back to back super moons for this year. This Supermoon 2016 will be the brightest and closest of the year. It is also the biggest since the year 1948 as per reports. Additionally, what makes it even more special is that such a close sighting will not take place for years. The next such close sighting is slated to take place only on the 25th of November, 2034.

More Details On The Supermoon 2016 

The Supermoon 2016 essentially means a particular orbit point for the moon which is really close to the Earth. This makes the moon look at least 30% brighter and 14% bigger than usual. The name Beaver Moon is used since hungers usually set their traps before the freezing of the waters at this time.

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According to Independent, the best way to see this phenomenon is someplace dark and preferably outside the city. There are maps and apps which are available for monitoring the moon’s progress. You should concentrate when the moon moves towards the horizon. This will make it look even bigger and grander due to the optical illusion created.

In case you miss this rare event, stay tuned on the 14th of December. This is the last Supermoon 2016 to appear on the horizon. However, this will not be as massive as this one.

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