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MLB Blue Jays Trade: Brett Cecil Signs 3-Year Deal?
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MLB Blue Jays Trade: Brett Cecil Signs 3-Year Deal?

MLB Blue Jays Trade rumors are abuzz about Brett Cecil and the Toronto Blue Jays. Cecil will reportedly sign a three-year deal with the Blue Jays very soon. No specific financial information has been made available yet.

MLB Blue Jays Trade news talks of how the team has already made its offer to Cecil. Cecil is 30 years old and a three-year contract represents a long-term commitment. ESPN has reported that Cecil could profit from the free agent market.

Cecil has got 11.5 batters out for every nine innings over his last four seasons. He did allow six home runs in 36 2/3 innings this year, however. His ERA has now scaled to 3.93. Sports Net has talked of how Cecil did miss six straight weeks from mid-May. This was majorly due to a strain in his left triceps.

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However, Cecil’s ERA went up to 6.75 by the 20th of July. He also regained further momentum and had a 1.74 ERA to show for his last 30 appearances. He has more than 54 appearances and 36.2 pitched innings this year. In the final 20.2 innings, he has already struck out 30 batters. He has also helped keep opposition batting averages down to around .173.

Why Cecil Is a Top Draw

He has pitched in an impressive 243 games with an ERA of 2.90 in four years. As per reports, Brett Cecil looks set to profit immensely from his new deal. No financial information has been revealed yet. However, Cecil may command his king’s ransom as the Blue Jays look to retain his skills.

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However, there are other rumors of the San Mariners making a pitch for Brett Cecil as well. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Left-handed relievers will also be in demand at teams like the Yankees and Mets.

This also represents Cecil’s first ever free agency opportunity.

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