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What is the Mannequin Challenge? Best Youtube Videos Here
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What is the Mannequin Challenge? Best Youtube Videos Here

Wondering what that new trending style of videos where people act like mannequins are in your feeds? That’s called the Mannequin Challenge.

This year is the year people from all over the world come up with strange but interesting things to do and post it on social media. Some of them become viral, others not so much. Among these videos gone viral are the Ice Bucket Challenge which was primarily to raise funds for ALS. Other videos are the Running Man, planking, Dub Smash videos and the Harlem Shake.

Now, another addition to the roster is emerging called the Mannequin Challenge. Like its name, people are challenged to become as still as mannequins mid-motion. They are then filmed and the results are stunning and quite entertaining.

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While the challenge is not done for any cause, many are still participating. Celebrities from musicians to sports teams are now joining the bandwagon.

The trend started with a group of high school students from Edward H. White High in Jacksonville. Twitter user @privy posted a video last October 27 that was re-tweeted more than 4,500 times.

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From there, others followed suit. Rappers Rae Swemmurd posted their version during tour with the participation of the audience.


Another big-timer, like literally big men, are the New York Giants doing their locker room version of the Mannequin Challenge. The Steelers also has their own version of the trending video. Another for football is the Clemson Tigers.

Basketballer and cheerleaders are also on-board the challenge with their own versions.

Celebrities such as the Destiny’s Child are the recent addition to the growing trend. Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams goes mannequin during Kelly’s son’s party.

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One of the best, however is the recently uploaded Ludacris insane Mannequin Challenge where he got just about anyone involved.

15 Best Videos Here:

If you wish to check some of the best Mannequin Challenge videos, check this video below from Nexus:




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