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Kate Middleton Prince William Divorce Confirmed, Pregnancy Rumors the Reason?
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Kate Middleton Prince William Divorce Confirmed, Pregnancy Rumors the Reason?

After Brangelina, rumors are another high profile divorce is happening to Kate Middleton Prince William. Speculations are that the royal divorce is to happen next year due to an unwanted pregnancy.

Kate Middleton Prince William is arguably one of the most talked about couples in the world. Not only has the royal family always been subjected to rumors, they are also scrutinized by media 24/7. In addition, Kate Middleton has been the darling of news and paparazzi everywhere because of her impeccable style and poise.

However, this time rumors floating around is not about what she is wearing.

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Kate Middleton Prince William Divorce?

According to HNGN, Kate Middleton and Prince William are in a rocky relationship. The site reports that the royal couple even ditched a party of a dear friend to escape questions about their impending divorce.

The prince’s best friend Oliver Hicks hosted a party for his wedding. Despite such a special occasion, Prince William was nowhere to be found. While a feud between the two could be a reason, sources are pointing towards a different cause.

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The report recalls that it is not the first time that Kate Middleton missed out on the prince’s friends’ weddings. Before the two got married, she always accompanied him. However, since settling down, she has been less present in his social circle.

This, along with pregnancy rumors, are the reason why people are speculating a royal divorce. The Inquistr adds that these pregnancy rumors are making the queen angry. Because of this, she is considering not selecting the prince to be the next king.

While Kate Middleton is unlikely to be pregnant, another issue has risen about the couple. It has been noticeable that Prince William has not been wearing his wedding ring lately.

“Have you noticed how Prince William does not seem to be wearing his wedding ring whenever he and Kate Middleton go out as a family or attend royal engagements?”
These are the words the Citizen Oracle shared in their own report.

None of these are confirmed at the moment. They are rumors spreading around and speculations about the much talked about royal couple.

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