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Eminem New Album 2016 Release on Jan 25; Adele Collab Confirmed!
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Eminem New Album 2016 Release on Jan 25; Adele Collab Confirmed!

Eminem new album has been confirmed by the hip-hop legend himself. While release date and details are yet to be confirmed, sources are saying it is going to be early next year.

For about two years now, Slim Shady’s fans have been anticipating the release of an Eminem new album. After all, it has been more than two years since he last released an album.

After Marshall Mathers LP II, the 44-year old has been quite low-key. He has not done much performances and preferred working backstage. However, to the delight of his fans the hip-hop master broke his silence.

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On October 19, the rap god Eminem himself announced that he is working on a new album. In his Twitter post, Eminem said “Don’t worry I’m working on an album! Here’s something meanwhile.”

Along with this, he posted a single dissing then GOP candidate, Donald Trump. His almost eight-minute rap was blatantly saying that the now president-elect is an unsuitable candidate. He called the piece Campaign Speech.

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Eminem New Album Release Date

While nothing has been officially confirmed with regards to the date of release of Eminem’s new album, some are saying it will be on January 25. According to several reddit posts, it looks like the rap god’s new album will be gracing the world early next year.

While initially thought to be entitled Roots, new sources are saying it will be called Success. The said record will have 22 tracks with a massive collaboration listing.

Included in the album are tracks This is It, Superstar, Imprisonment, Take Me Away, Looking For Freedom, Confused, Rain, Fighter, Sins Of A Prayer, Sunshine, Nightmare, Hurts Really Bad, It’s Hard, Lie Down, and Rest.

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Collaborations with big names in the industry are expected. This includes The Weekend with the song called Black Roses. He is also said to make a piece called Bulletproof with Master Bennet. Something Has Change is the title of a possible collaboration with Kid Cudi. Chance the Rapper and Vince Staples will each be working with the legend in songs Everyday and Ladies and Gentleman.

However, most exciting is his carrier single called Success which is speculated to be a collaboration with Adele. The powerhouse vocalist with the sensational rapper and songwriter will definitely make his new album another chart topper.

While none of these are official announcements yet, fans all over cannot help but feel excited. Finally, after what feels like centuries of waiting, an Eminem new album will be released.

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