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Final Fantasy 15 Sequel is Mobile MMO! Plot, Details Here
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Final Fantasy 15 Sequel is Mobile MMO! Plot, Details Here

It appears Square Enix is on fire. There are already talks of a Final Fantasy 15 sequel just days before the release of the much-awaited game.

Square Enix has just announced a partnership with mobile game developer Machine Zone that will finally bring a Final Fantasy 15 title on mobile devices. This expands the number of spin-off content that will accompany the much-awaited game.

However, there is still no news as to how the new mobile title will work – given the hardware limitations. Regardless, Machine Zone said one of its games – Game of War: Fire Age – will be an inspiration for the Final Fantasy 15 MMO.

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The game works like how casual mobile MMOs work. Players can embark on quests with a massive PvP and PvE option to choose from. They can also farm for resources, albeit literally. Chat will allow players to connect in real time as well. There are no news whether or not the new game will directly follow this formula or not.

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Final Fantasy 15 Sequel: An End to Prophecies?

Fans can quite recall  the 13-year wait for Final Fantasy 15. Players have been trying to find news back then as to what the game entails. This is after the remarkable introduction of a seamless combat system in Final Fantasy 12 and an intense story in Final Fantasy 13. It can be remembered that Final Fantasy 11 and 14 – both MMOs – are not necessarily popular.

This marks perhaps the second spin-off mobile content for the game. The first is Justice Monsters Five that is an in-game game that the characters play. Another one, A King’s Tale is a throwback to a classic Square game. The Kingsglaive movie also serves as a prequel for the game and generated good hype.

However, it appears Square Enix has hope for a mobile MMO in the franchise. Players may already have an idea as to how it will work as the main game will include a four-person co-op patch soon.

Final Fantasy 15 will be released this November 29 for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Players will have to wait for announcements for a potential PC port.

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