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Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One Review: Much Better Than Part 1, But Multiplayer Not Working

Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One Review: Much Better Than Part 1, But Multiplayer Not Working

Watch Dogs 2 hits consoles this week as well as PC later this month. So the question is — is it good? Here’s what people have to say about their experience with the Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One and PS4 versions.

Wired wrote about their hands-on experience with the game. And they summarized their experienced with one simple sentence:

Watch Dogs 2 is masterful, astute and finally lives up to the original’s promise

So that’s definitely a good sign on the game’s status.

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Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One and PS4

As it stands, Watch Dogs 2 is under a lot of pressure from both critics and the masses. Not because the original Watch Dogs was well liked mind you, but because its predecessor turned out to be quite disappointing.

The original Watch Dogs trailer promised the world to gamers when it was first shown. It showed promise of freedom, exploration, and creativity with hacking.

But when the game came out, people were disappointed. Wired once again explains it perfectly as such:

In reality, the 2014 game locked you into certain narrative decisions – notably, the first time you take control of protagonist Aiden Pearce, you’re forced to shoot a NPC in the head. Hacking challenges felt more like a modern twist on Assassin’s Creed environmental puzzles, and the games visuals were, at launch, notably lower quality than earlier trailers had depicted.

So yeah, in case you missed it people were not happy with the original game.

So how does the second game compare? Well much better it seems in many aspects.

The sequel has a much more upbeat and “fun” tone compared to its predecessor. While the story still has its serious moments, it’s not afraid to have fun especially considering its very young cast of characters. The game does center on a group of hacktivists after all, so some sense of humor is always present. It also references modern politics with Trump-like figures as well as pop culture with things like Knight Rider.

Watch Dogs 2 also offers much more freedom than the original. One interesting note is that, apparently, the game can be completed without killing anyone — a drastic change from the first game which had a forced kill at the very beginning of it all.

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Trouble in Paradise

So it seems Ubisoft learned a lot from how people received the first game. But not everything is smooth sailing yet. While the core gameplay, story, and world of Watch Dogs 2 seems to be very well done, there’s still some issues plaguing the title.

It seems early copies of the game — both leaked versions and review versions — are showing some early technical concerns. One of which is that the seamless multiplayer function of the game is currently disabled due to “issues.”

Reportedly, people playing early versions of the game receive the following in-game notice:

There’s currently an issue with the seamless multiplayer feature causing the game to lag and crash periodically. To eliminate that issue, seamless multiplayer is offline until we’re able to fix it.

Ubisoft notified those sent official review copie. They said that they’re already working on fixing the issue and will have it sorted out before launch.

Watch Dogs 2 comes out for PS4 and Xbox One on November 15 and on PC on November 29.

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