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Watch Dogs 2 Review: Easter Egg Trailer for New Game Hidden in Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay / FlammableAce

Watch Dogs 2 Review: Easter Egg Trailer for New Game Hidden in Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay

With Watch Dogs 2 coming out very soon (for consoles at least) there’s already been a spring of leaks for the game. Including an in-game trailer that possibly hints at a new title from Ubisoft.

One of the missions in Watch Dogs 2 requires the player to hack into a version of Ubisoft within the game. Upon doing so, they stumble upon a trailer for an upcoming Ubisoft title — in the world of Watch Dogs 2 at least. But then some are starting to ask, could this be a trailer for a real game?

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Watch Dogs 2 Review: Hidden Trailer for New Game?

The trailer in question seems to show off a sci-fi game set in space. It cuts between different clips advanced looking space stations all with vibrant colors while being accompanied by a calming sound track.

Halfway through the trailer, a small “on air” sign appears on screen, possibly hinting at either multiplayer or streaming support. And throughout the entire video, a giant watermark saying is plastered on top of the footage, giving it that internal leaked footage feel.

So why are people interested in this trailer? Well, quite frankly, it just looks too good to be just a simple throwaway bit in a single mission in Watch Dogs 2. The assets, textures, and overall quality of the trailer just seems too high production for just an in-game joke. It’s entirely possible that Ubisoft added this into the game as a means of promotion for a new IP that they plan to announce.

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Just a Joke?

But then again it really could be nothing. Something else people noticed about the trailer is that it’s quite familiar to another game that just came out. A sci-fi space exploration game filled with vibrant colors — it seems to be a bit too much like the recently released No Man’s Sky.

While many are thinking that this is in fact a teaser for an upcoming Ubisoft title, others are thinking that this is a reference to Hello Games’ No Man Sky. Admittedly a very well-produced reference, but a reference nonetheless.

As of now there has been no official statement from Ubisoft regarding the trailer.

Watch Dogs 2 comes out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 15 as well as the PC on November 29.

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