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Taylor Swift Drake 2016: TS Moves In With Rapper? Engagement Confirmed [Rumors]
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Taylor Swift Drake 2016: TS Moves In With Rapper? Engagement Confirmed [Rumors]

Taylor Swift Drake friendship seems to be moving in a more intimate direction. Following the arrest of the singer’s stalker, she is thinking of moving into Drake’s LA home.

Rumors of Taylor Swift Drake dating started December last year during the 30-year old rapper’s birthday bash. The two were spotted flirting and cozying up with each other during the said event.

While both parties have yet to confirm their relationship being more than friendship, signs are pointing to something more. For instance, model and a friend to both stars Karlie Kloss’ Instagram post.

The photo was a greeting in time for Drake’s birthday. But instead of just a photo of her or of Drake, the model added one with Taylor Swift in it.

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Taylor Swift Moving In With Drake?

And just when rumors between Taylor Swift Drake dating are simmering down, new reports have surfaced about Drake’s offer for the 26-year old to move in his LA home.

The offer came about the arrest of the Blank Space singer’s stalker, Frank Andrew Hoover.  Her stalker was said to have been following her and her family since after her concert in Austin, Texas this October.

The arrest was made possible because of Drake’s assistance. The One Dance rapper even sent some of his boys to be Taylor’s bodyguard to make sure she’s alright. According to an insider, Drake has been quite concerned about her since learning of the stalker.

“Taylor [Swift] being stalked and freaked out about it doesn’t sit well with Drake. He’s real heated that she has lunatics intruding on her personal space, and he’s told her he’d personally send a few of his boys to keep an eye on her and be her bodyguards. He’s definitely been comforting for her!”

After the arrest of Hoover, Drake offered Taylor to stay at his place in LA.

“He’s even told her she’s welcome to come chill at his place In LA for as long as she needs because it’s safe, behind several gates and she’ll be so secluded and out of harms way. She’s thinking about it and Drake’s really encouraging her to take his offer.”

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Taylor Swift Drake Engagement Rumors

Because of these turn of events, Drake’s closeness with Taylor has become even more obvious. With this, rumors of the two secretly being engaged have surfaced.

It isn’t the first time either Taylor Swift or Drake has been rumored to be engaged with someone. While, unlike Rihanna, Taylor is not sporting any bling to support the claims, Drake’s statement can very much be proof of that.

In addition, Drake’s concern for the superstar is also proof of how much he cherishes the singer. However, it is also a possibility that the two are really good friends, there to help each other.

For now, Taylor Swift and Drake have yet to confirm if they are planning to tie the knot anytime soon. In fact, they have not yet even said anything about the dating rumors.

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