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NBA Trade: Kings Want DeMarcus Cousins Out Shaq Confirms
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NBA Trade: Kings Want DeMarcus Cousins Out Shaq Confirms

NBA Trade Rumors are abuzz about the Sacramento Kings trading DeMarcus Cousins. The team reportedly wants to get rid of DeMarcus Cousins. Surprisingly, this has been confirmed by none other than Shaquille O’ Neal.

NBA Trade News has revealed how Shaquille O’ Neal talked about the Kings wanting to trade Cousins. Shaquille O’ Neal owns a minority stake in the team and this lends greater authenticity to his revelations.

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Shaquille talked of how DeMarcus Cousins is “hot-headed”. Cousins have not yet shown any “leadership qualities” according to Shaq. O’ Neil then proceeded to confirm “hearing talk” of the Kings going in a “different direction”. This would only happen in case “things don’t start to become correct” according to him.

Why The Kings Want DeMarcus Cousins Out 

Fox Sports has also reported how the Kings badly want to trade-off DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings are now gunning for maximum value by the trade deadline in February. The Kings have not had a bumper season this time too. DeMarcus Cousins will soon be on his way out. The Kings are counting on it.

Yahoo! Sports also reports how the Sacramento Kings are at the bottom 10 of the league. However, Cousins is one of the best players in the team. The Kings’ attack does fumble when Cousins is absent.

However, the Kings are reportedly fed up of taking DeMarcus Cousins’ attitude. Cousins has a serious temper and attitude problems as per many sources. This was confirmed by Shaquille O’Neal who even identified lack of leadership qualities.

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This was a serious shot from the legend who also owns a part of the Sacramento Kings. The legend talked of how Cousins could have been a major pillar for the team. However, the results are clearly demonstrating how that is not the case anymore.

NBA Trade news hints at a new trade for DeMarcus Cousins soon!


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