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MLB Nationals Trade: Yoenis Cespedes, Daniel Murphy Team Up; Leaves Mets
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MLB Nationals Trade: Yoenis Cespedes, Daniel Murphy Team Up; Leaves Mets

As per the MLB Nationals Trade rumors, Yoenis Cespedes may leave the Mets. He may decide to team up with Daniel Murphy at the Nationals. While nothing official has been confirmed yet, there are rumors of Cespedes already being signed up by the Nationals.

Yoenis Cespedes may be on his way out of the Mets as per MLB Nationals Trade rumors. The Nationals have been wooing Cespedes for a long time as per reports. Cespedes may also be excited to join forces with Danny Murphy at the Nationals as per rumors.

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MLB Nationals trade talks have revealed that the Nationals will definitely go forward with a move for Cespedes. However, the chances are still slim since the Nationals have to contend with Jayson Werth. Werth still has $21 million remaining on the final year of his contract.

The Daily News has reported that Daniel Murphy hit .413 against the Mets, his former team. This last season performance came with a fabulous .776 slugging percentage as well. This has reportedly excited Cespedes enough to want to join forces with Murphy against the Mets.

Why the Nationals Are Struggling

The Nationals are currently struggling with limitations on their payroll. They might have got Cespedes signed up earlier. However, Cespedes did not take the deferred money quotient of the five-year contract. This was because the overall deal value was greatly lowered in this case.

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The Nationals are also locked in a tussle over MASN revenue rights fees with the Orioles. This is also bleeding the team financially until it is resolved. The Nationals also signed up Stephen Strasburg for $175 million in a 7-year contract. This includes $70 million in deferred payments in tandem with a couple of opt-outs.

In case the team manages to trade-off Gio Gonzalez, they might make an offer for Cespedes. This would also necessitate shifting Trea Turner and dealing off Danny Espinosa as well.

The New York Post has also talked about how the Mets are trying to reunite with Cespedes. However, Cespedes may well decline the deal as per rumors.

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