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Donald Trump Impeachment News: Kamala Harris is Next President?

Donald Trump Impeachment News: Kamala Harris is Next President?

Donald Trump impeachment rumors continue to dominate the internet. In this context, there are many who are wondering whether Kamala Harris is the next president. These rumors have been tied to rumors of Trump being impeached as soon as he assumes office.

However, the Donald Trump impeachment rumors are false as of now. Yet, many are labeling Kamala Harris as a strong contender for the White House in the future. Inquisitr has reported that Harris successfully became a US Senator from California.

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She defeated Loretta Sanchez, her fellow Democrat nominee, with a handsome 63% of the total vote. This victory is historic for Harris is the second African-American woman to enter the Senate. She is also the first one after Illinois victory Carol Moseley Braun got defeated after only a single term. Harris is also the first ever Indian American to bag this position.

Will Harris Be The Next President? 

Many believe that she may be a worthy replacement for Donald Trump. Harris has already been called the “female Obama” from the year 2010 onwards. She has also earned praise from the outgoing president who called her “the best looking attorney general in the country” in 2013. However, Obama did apologize for this statement.

Post her victory, Harris has openly taken a firm stance against Donald Trump. This majorly pertains to the immigration issue. She has won several hearts with her victory speech. Her father Donald Harris is an economics professor at Stanford University. She is likened to Obama for her background and liberal beliefs.

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Harris is already being thought of as a good Presidential candidate in 2020. She is an Oakland California native and has a younger sister named Maya. Her scientist mother came to the United States from India. Harris earlier defeated LA County DA to become California’s attorney general in 2010.

She has also voiced her opposition to the death penalty on multiple occasions. Harris also shot into the limelight when she did not enforce the ban on same-sex marriage in California. The ban was eventually shot down by the Supreme Court.

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