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World War 3 News: Russia Confirms Nuclear Apocalypse vs USA if Hillary Clinton Won
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World War 3 News: Russia Confirms Nuclear Apocalypse vs USA if Hillary Clinton Won

World War 3 News updates have spiraled to new dimensions post Donald Trump’s Presidential win. Russia has now confirmed chances of a nuclear war if Hillary Clinton won the elections. Donald Trump’s victory has saved the Earth from another World War according to the Kremlin.

World War 3 News has left citizens stunned at Russia’s open proclamation. The Sun reports that Vladimir Putin’s aides have confirmed this possibility. These aides have made it clear that if Hillary Clinton won, there would have a certain nuclear combat. They also stated that Trump’s win will save everyone from a Third World War.

World War 3 News updates also reveal that Trump’s campaign had close contact with Moscow before the election. Sergei Glazyev, Putin’s aide, confirmed all of the above. He also stated that “Americans had two choices: World War Three or multilateral peace”.

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He also talked about Hillary being “a symbol of war” and how Trump can change interpersonal relations. Vladimir Putin is reportedly happy with Trump’s victory and expects a lot from him. The Kremlin always had poor relations with Clinton.

Trump has earlier praised Putin for being a powerful leader. He has also suggested that the NATO commitments of the US should be abandoned. He has also voiced concerns about media bias. All of these views appear quite similar to Putin’s opinions.

Other Interesting Perceptions 

In this scenario, perhaps a Hillary Clinton victory would have led to a major conflict amidst nations. However, Lord Hague, ex British foreign secretary, has warned Trump against Russia. He warned Trump to be careful of Putin’s machinations. He talked about how Russia remains “unafraid to use aggression and intervention to shore up its influence”. Putin has sent a telegram to Trump expressing his desire to boost relations. He also wishes to “restore full fledged relations with the US”.

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Vyacheslav Volodin, another top Putin aide, remarked that Russia was happy about the end of Obama’s Presidential tenure. He also talked of how the new results eliminate all “problems” that Obama created between the two countries. You can read more on the latest developments here.

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