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Vampire Diaries Season 8: Nina Dobrev Breaks Promise to Return; Feud With Ex the Reason
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Vampire Diaries Season 8: Nina Dobrev Breaks Promise to Return; Feud With Ex the Reason

According to reports, Nina Dobrev promised a comeback for the finale of Vampire Diaries season 8. However, recent rumors are saying that she has broken this promise in order to keep away from her ex, Ian Somerhalder.

Somerhalder and Dobrev dated each other while still filming together for previous seasons. However, following their breakup, Dobrev left the vampire series. Some argue that the reason for her leaving is a bad breakup with her co-star. Dobrev denies that and said that her decision was made out of her desire to pursue film.

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iTech Post reported just recently that Dobrev confirms not joining Vampire Diaries season 8. While both Somerhalder and Paul Wesley said they don’t expect Dobrev’s return, showrunner Julie Plec seems to be disappointed.

Previously, Dobrev was said to have made a promise to Plec to return for the finale. “[Nina’s] said she would [come back] and I want her. So honestly it becomes a matter of logistics.”

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Vampire Diaries season 8: Dobrev, Somerhalder Feud

While the relationship between co-actors Dobrev and Somerhalder was somewhat brief, it seems the split did not go well.

Currently, Somerhalder is married to Nikki Reed. However, reports say that the marriage is having some rocky times. Divorce news has been looming the couple which makes some believe is the reason Dobrev’s return is hindered.

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Inquistr shared a story while Plec and Somerhalder were at the San Diego Comic-Con. When the actor was asked if Dobrev will return, his reply was “No, you’re not gonna get ’em.”

Plec, on the other hand, said they might see her return to wrap up the Elena part of the story. This response made the seemingly confident actor a bit confused.

“I thought we had a conversation about that, apparently not,” said Somerhalder.

While the reason for Dobrev’s broken promise might be the feud, there are other possible reasons too. Currently, she is busy filming with Vin Diesel for xXx: The Return of Zander Cage.

Whether Dobrev returns or not, we’ll just find out in the final season of The Vampire Diaries.


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