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Nintendo NES Classic Edition Release, Price, Games & Where to Buy?

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Release, Price, Games & Where to Buy?

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition will launch today in the United States. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding this mini console. However, it might be hard to get your hands on one!

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be a mini –console featuring 30 retro games. This will be available from several retailers but stocks are expected to fly off the shelves fast. The Verge reports that the console will be priced at a tempting $59.99. This should create a surge in demand since contemporary consoles usually charge this much for a single game alone.

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The Nintendo NES Classic Edition should be a blockbuster this holiday season. Several retailers have already warned of limited supply. If you miss out on the console, you might have to wait till December or more! The console comes with extension cords, a second controller, and HDMI cable.

You can buy the console at Amazon which has already clarified that stocks will fly out fast. The company will turn off single-click buying to give everyone a fair chance. Orders are also limited to just one for every customer. Sales will start at 2 PM PT as per Amazon reps and you should be geared up by then.

Where Else Can You Buy The Console? 

The console will also be available at GAMESTOP and Best Buy. The former will have the console in short supply from today. The latter will have a first come, first served policy. The Target retail stores will also sell the NES Classic Edition at regular opening times. Online sales will also start today as per sources.

Walmart will offer in-store availability depending on stocks. However, several Walmart stores do remain open for 24 hours. This gives you a chance to land a console even at midnight if you want!

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If all else fails, pay a visit to the Nintendo flagship store in Manhattan. However, the midnight opening has taken place already. This nixes chances of getting your hands on the console. The company will also have 250 consoles ready for those participating in the 80s event tonight. The line starts at 5 PM ET as per sources. The employees of the store will also distribute wristbands from 7 PM to the very first 250 people in line.

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