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MLB Cubs Trade Rumors: Japanese Phenom Signed for $300M

MLB Cubs Trade Rumors: Japanese Phenom Signed for $300M

Cubs Trade Rumors are abuzz about a possible trade for Shohei Otani. For the uninitiated, Otani is a considered a Japanese baseball phenomenon. There are rumors of him being signed for $300 million.

Cubs Trade Rumors point at Otani making his way to the Cubs roster though nothing has been confirmed yet. 12UP has reported that Otani is a special talent. He is already taken to be one of the best pitchers across the globe. He is also a powerful slugger and has been compared to Daryl Strawberry.

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This makes him a special talent that has not been witnessed in mainstream baseball since Babe Ruth. Cubs Trade Rumors link him with a possible move to the Cubs for a mind-boggling amount of $300 million. If you think that’s still too much, read on!

The 22-year old Otani is already being hunted by leading teams including the Rex Sox and Dodgers. Reportedly, the Yankees and Angels are also looking to snap Otani. Most of these teams have big contracts ending in the next offseason. They might be able to splash out the $300 million asking price commanded by the Japanese star.

Why Otani May Actually Notch Up $300 Million

Otani is now playing in the Pacific League of Nippon Professional Baseball. Scouts have labeled him as “power No.1 starter stuff”. He has also been described as a future “45 home run type guy” by sources. His eighth inning throwing equals almost 99 miles per hour as per reports. He has a fabulous fastball too and can notch up to 70s in terms of the cutter, curve, and split.

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Otani has also been followed closely by the Red Sox and Yankees ever since he attended high school. He will anyway be the first Japanese athlete to cross $200 million in earnings but the contract should touch $300 million as per experts.

Will this explosive baseball talent make his way to the Cubs?

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