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US Election Polls Results Rigged? President Donald Trump Impeached
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US Election Polls Results Rigged? President Donald Trump Impeached

US Election polls results have reportedly been rigged as per allegations made by Hillary Clinton’s supporters. In this context, new President Donald Trump will be impeached as per rumors. Will he assume office at all in January 2017?

The election polls results are fraught with controversy after Trump’s win. There have been rigging accusations from both candidates against each other and now, Inquisitr reports that Trump can be impeached in January.

The election polls results spurred a search for impeachment rumors amongst the general public. An impeachment may be possible and it seems several states are looking up impeachment options already. These include California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and Colorado.

Several people also posted on Twitter about the impeachment. This move, according to worried citizens, will halt his plans to stop Muslim immigration. Many are also concerned about Trump’s intentions to build a wall on the Mexican border.

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However, only a week prior to the Election Day, Trump and his cohorts raised questions of impeaching Hillary Clinton if she won. Barack Obama, however, dismissed this proposal outright. It remains to be seen what the Democrats do now.

Will Donald Trump Really Be Impeached?

The question of Donald Trump facing impeachment has been alive for quite some time now. Many believe that his promises to build a wall on the Mexican border could lead to this situation. Many believe that Trump may also commit several impeachable offenses as the new President.

Even the US Chamber of Commerce head talked of possible impeachment. He was referring to the after effect of a trade war with China and higher prices of several items. There are other rumors talking of how the Republican Party itself could impeach Trump.

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This may be part of a bigger plan to install Mike Pence as the new President. Impeachment requires a President to be found guilty of high crime levels. However, the phrase is broad enough for the party to find a reason to do away with Trump.

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