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NBA Trade Rumors: Anthony Davis Traded for LaMarcus Aldridge? Joins Spurs
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NBA Trade Rumors: Anthony Davis Traded for LaMarcus Aldridge? Joins Spurs

NBA Trade Rumors are abuzz about Anthony Davis being traded for LaMarcus Aldridge. The Spurs could trigger this exchange deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis is reportedly frustrated with the losing streak of his team as per rumors.

NBA Trade news has also hinted at Davis wanting to leave the New Orleans Pelicans. Counsel & Heal has also highlighted the possibility of Davis leaving for the San Antonio Spurs. In case the Pelicans fail to turn the corner, Davis may well consider his options.

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NBA Trade rumors have been sparked by Davis’ comments at the “definitely frustrating” performance of the Pelicans. The team has lost all its five games this season. The Pelicans currently lie at the bottom of the table. The Spurs are at number two with one loss and four wins.

What Is Likely To Happen?

The 23 year old Davis is reportedly frustrated at losing to the Milwaukee Bucks despite scoring 35 points personally. Experts have earlier hinted at possibilities of the Spurs trading LaMarcus Aldridge for Davis. Rumors state that Aldridge might attain superstar status with the Pelicans. On the other hand, Davis will also enjoy his potential maximization with the Spurs.

However, isportsweb has talked about how Davis still has four years left on his contract. This makes it really difficult for him to leave right away. NBA Trade Rumors have still hinted that Davis wants to leave the Pelicans. A move to the Indiana Pacers is hinted in exchange for Thaddeus Young and first 2019 first round picks.

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CBS Sports has also reported that the Spurs are exploring a possible trade for LaMarcus Aldridge. The Spurs are well aware that the 31 year old Aldridge will give them good value now. If the deal is delayed, they might not get as good a valuation as the present. This may drive them to exchange him for the younger and fitter Anthony Davis.

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