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MLB Dodgers Trade: Yasiel Puig for Yoenis Cespedes?
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MLB Dodgers Trade: Yasiel Puig for Yoenis Cespedes?

Dodgers Trade rumors have been buzzing about a possible exchange deal. This deal may see the Dodgers getting hold of Yoenis Cespedes for Yasiel Puig. Puig is reportedly on his way out while Cespedes may be a big ticket buy.

Dodgers Trade Rumors hint at Yoenis Cespedes signing up for $125 million according to The Gamers Drop. Cespedes will sign a five-year contract as per speculation. Cespedes has already come out of the last two years of his contract with the Mets. He has technically left $47.5 million as well.

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Dodgers trade rumors report that since Cespedes is now a free agent, it might be a good deal. However, Cespedes will still command a big deal. In return, the Dodgers could sell off Yasiel Puig at a good valuation.

The Dodgers may want to play Cespedes as a left fielder. However, teams like the Astros and Giants are also interested in Cespedes. This is why the Dodgers must move fast with regard to his acquisition.

What About Yasiel Puig’s Trade?

The Orange County Register also reports that nothing is confirmed about Yasiel Puig being traded. Puig’s performance came under the scanner but he has since revived his career. The Dodgers are reportedly happy with Puig. The Dodgers may not trade him according to some sources.

Puig has had a long streak of injuries along with other issues. However, other sources suggest that the Dodgers may sell him to acquire a bigger star. The star in question may be none other than Cespedes.

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The Dodgers currently have an outfield surplus so this may also influence a trade for Puig. The Dodgers’ plans with Puig are unclear at present. They already have 6 options along with center fielder Joc Pederson.

It remains to be seen whether the Dodgers do sign up Cespedes and trade-off Puig. In case that happens, Cespedes may land one of the biggest contracts in recent times. Puig, on the other hand, could start afresh with a new team.

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