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Mass Effect Andromeda Beta Gameplay Open for Sign-Up; New Photos Released

Mass Effect Andromeda Beta Gameplay Open for Sign-Up; New Photos Released

N7 Day has come and gone but people are still excited for more Mass Effect Andromeda. And what better way to satiate that thirst than by signing up for the Mass Effect Andromeda beta.

Mass Effect Andromeda producer Fabrice Condominas posted this tweet during N7 Day asking fans if they wanted to get into the game’s multiplayer beta. All they have to do is go to this link and, well honestly, jump through some hoops.

The sign-up process is a bit of a hassle.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Beta Sign-Up

There are three major steps to signing up for the beta — linking your accounts together, answering some personal questions, and then setting your preference for the feedback program.


First step is linking an EA Account to either an Origin, Xbox Live, or PSN account. Nothing too bad.

The next step is filling out a personal survey — an 11 page long personal survey. Included in the survey are questions regarding your personal experience with gaming in general as well as Bioware’s major titles — Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Going through the personal survey I noticed that they ask some odd and unexpected questions. Things like what conventions you have gone to or plan to go to as well as some essay questions regarding your favorite games of all time.

Once that’s done you arrive at a page like the one below and you can sign up for the beta.


As the image shows, the Mass Effect Andromeda beta will only be available for PlayStation and Xbox owners — sorry PC players — and will only be available in English. There is also no scheduled start date for the beta.

Getting a Better Look at Andromeda

In addition to the beta sign-in, Game Informer released some new screenshots for Bioware’s upcoming game. The images show off the Nomad — the new land vehicle replacing the Mako from the original game — as well as some new mechanics such as scanning and, get this, the ability to shoot fire. Game Informer posted all the new images here on their site.

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