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Pokemon Go Update: Gen 2 Pokemon in Next Patch? Best Monsters to Catch

Pokemon Go Update: Gen 2 Pokemon in Next Patch? Best Monsters to Catch

It seems Pokemon Go is not leaving us behind for the holiday seasons. Datamined code revealed that more Pokemon are bound to arrive in the game. Players, behold Ditto and Generation 2.

According to the Silph Road, players have found out that 100 new Pokemon have been added to the Pokedex. These are #152 to #251 or Chikorita to Celebi. This means these are all Generation 2 Pokemon from classic games. It’s noteworthy that Celebi, like Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos, is a rare Pokemon.

A new move called Transform is also added in the game. This is a move exclusively used by Ditto and Mew. This means the arrival of Celebi and other rare Pokemon are just bound to happen – and it might happen sooner than we think.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the move set dates for the Pokemon are not present.

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These are just bits of a host of other changes the game will give players in future patches.

Perhaps another much-awaited feature is daily and weekly bonuses. This is a popular mechanic used by other games to ensure players log onto the game every day. Pokemon Go will award the attendance of users with bonus EXP among others.

Players can view the complete patch notes here. However, in summation, the bonus applies to almost every integral part of play. PokeStops that players visit will offer more bonuses. Players that defeat a rival Gym will have an extra amount of time to allot Pokemon to guard it.

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Pokemon Go: Best Gen 2 Pokemon?

Players who are getting a bit competitive understand that it’s important to assess which of the Generation 2 Pokemon we should have an eye out for. This is not an easy question, as the starters themselves offer a great amount of versatility in the game.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s best to take Chikorita, Cynadquil, and Totodile. The best way to start a new Pokemon journey is to complete the starters first.

Steelix appears to be a great addition for the Generation 2 and is a fitting evolution of Onyx. Players will have an easier time evolving the Pokemon given enough candy.

Heracross is a powerful beetle packing up huge strength. As both a Bug and a Fighting-type, it’s great against Dark Pokemon. Houndoom, while not entirely powerful, can be a cool-looking addition to your team.

Espeon would hopefully make an appearance as a special Eevolution.

Raikou and Ho-Oh are hopefully legendaries that will make an appearance as well. The addition of Entei and Suicune make them the perfect contemporaries to Mew and the Legendary Birds.

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