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Nostradamus Predictions 2016: Why Should We Believe Him? 12 Facts About the Prophet
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Nostradamus Predictions 2016: Why Should We Believe Him? 12 Facts About the Prophet

Nostradamus predictions are creating quite a stir worldwide. There are several interesting facts about the French prophet. He is one of the most famous astrologers in history.

Nostradamus predictions mostly refer to momentous world events. These include the US Presidential elections 2016, a threat of  another World War and more. Born in the year 1503, his prophecies earned him name and fame in his lifetime itself.

According to History, Nostradamus predictions talked about vital and historic events. These include the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler and even the September 11 terror attacks. Nostradamus predictions also talk of how the world will end in the year 3797.

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The French seer was born Michel de Nostradame on the 14th or 21st of December. The prophecies were published in The Prophecies book in 1555. He grew up in Saint-Remy-de-Provence in southern France. He was one of the nine children of an affluent grain dealer.

Guy Gassonet, his grandfather converted to Catholicism earlier. Nostradamus also found an able tutor in Jean de St. Remy. Remy was his maternal grandfather.

He learned ancient Jewish tradition rights, astrology, Greek, Latin, mathematics, and Hebrew. He also studied medicine for a year at the University of Avignon. The University of Montpelier was where his medicinal doctorate was completed.

He is known for treating plague victims throughout his travels in Italy and France. His innovative treatment methods and rose pill became very well-known. He soon attained celebrity status for his medicinal prowess and received ample financial support.

Later Life & Predictions 

He married and had two children later. However, he has left grief-stricken by their death in 1534. His inability to save his family led to him to being abandoned by his patrons. Nostradamus shifted towards the occult from medicine in later life. He also remarried and had six children.

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Nostradamus earlier predicted that a Franciscan monk would be the pope one day. This monk got ordained as Pope Sixtus V in 1585. This fulfilled his prophecy. He aimed to forecast developments over 2, 000 years.

He became the favorite of queen Catherine de Medici. Nostradamus once warned King Henri II to avoid ceremonial jousting. Three years later, the king died in a jousting match. also talks of how he also attempted methods of water and flame gazing.

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