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Dissidia Final Fantasy PS4: Sephiroth Arrives; PlayStation Port in 2017?
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Dissidia Final Fantasy PS4: Sephiroth Arrives; PlayStation Port in 2017?

SOLDIER’s best is out to wreak havoc in Dissidia Final Fantasy. Sephiroth will slash his way through the game in its next installment.

Koei Temco and Square Enix has just revealed that the Final Fantasy 7 star will be brought into the fray. His trailer revealed clashing with Cloud on a standstill atop a Mako Reactor. However, his fierce slashes proved to be too much for the broadsword-wielding soldier.

According to the trailer, Sephiroth will join other Final Fantasy heroes and villains in the arcade version of the Dissidia series of games. The first of its games appeared on the PlayStation Portable and pit protagonist against the antagonist of different titles. This time it seems the more action packed fighting game will be graced by Sephiroth’s presence.

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Sephiroth will become the second villain to appear in the game, after Garland.

However, unlike its previous counterparts, the game has been remade from the ground up. The game is known for its new three-on-three combat feature. This allows more interesting match-ups with the heroes in the game.

Its first appearance in 2015 featured all 13 heroes from the core title. However, more villains such as Sephiroth or heroes such as  Ramza Beoulve from Final Fantasy Tactics will be added. The game targets a roster of more than 50 characters.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy: Room for the Best

Sephiroth has been the big bad of Final Fantasy 7. He might be one of the reasons why the game had such impressive reviews as well. His excellent addition to the story, not withstanding his skill and bravado, made him a fan favorite.

The addition of the character to Dissidia Final Fantasy definitely is a homecoming for him.

His presence in Dissidia is also a fitting one. Given that Final Fantasy 7‘s latest spinoffs and movies are action-packed, Sephiroth’s fluidity is a must-see. Players should be ecstatic to be finally able to use Masamune and Sephiroth’s sheer skill.

It will be an interesting sight to see just how Sephiroth will balance his seven-foot sword in combat. An opponent such a Sephiroth with a weapon of that reach cannot be ignored.

However, while Dissidia Final Fantasy can be played in retail stores in Japan, there’s still no news for a PlayStation 4 port.

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