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Descendants of the Sun 2 Cancelled as Song Joong Ki Leaves Show for ‘Battle Island’ Movie
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Descendants of the Sun 2 Cancelled as Song Joong Ki Leaves Show for ‘Battle Island’ Movie

Song Joong-ki’s fame as one of the top Hallyu stars of his time is arguably credited to the recently concluded first series, but according to sources, he will not be joining in Descendants of the Sun 2. In addition, it seems the star is busy with his new project Battleship Island.

Just a few months after finishing Descendants of the Sun, the actor is already working on another movie. While the series was highly successful, it seems the Joong-ki has opted not to join the second season.

While it has yet been confirmed that a Descendants of the Sun 2 will indeed be made, fans are hopeful. And why wouldn’t they be? The series was so well-rated and critically acclaimed it had to extend three more episodes after the finale.

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No Song-Song for Descendants of the Sun 2?

Both stars Joong-ki and Song Hye Kyo gained immense popularity during the series. And while the story is compelling on its own, what kept it going is the love tandem.

The chemistry between the two was so evident that fans have dubbed it Song-Song. The series’ followers are always on the look out for new romantic scenes both on and off air.

Unfortunately, it seems both Songs are not going to be joining a Descendants of the Sun 2. Reports claim that because of the busy schedules of both parties, a second season might not happen.

While one theory is that the second season will indeed be produced, the focus will be on other characters. However, many predict that without the two key characters, there will not be a second season.

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Song Joong-ki Busy With Battleship Island

As an actor, Joong-ki says he wants to grow that is why he left Running Man. Once a key role in the variety show, the actor opted to leave to pursue his acting career.

And though initially thought to return to the show after Gary left last month, Joong-ki has not confirmed aid that they will not replace Gary.

Joong-ki is, however, busy with work. He is currently one of the major roles in the movie Battleship Island which is set to premiere sometime in 2017.

For now, we are still waiting for the statement from the actor or confirmation from Descendants of the Sun for a season 2.

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