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Big Bang Theory Season 10: Sheldon Leaves Show for Own Spinoff?

Big Bang Theory Season 10: Sheldon Leaves Show for Own Spinoff?

Dr. Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory Season 10 is rumored to leave the show to do a spinoff of the hit comedy series. The self-entitled story, Sheldon, is a prequel series sharing the life of Sheldon during childhood.

The biggest comedy show on television is in its 10th season but no word yet of its renewal. But fans need not worry. Co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and Executive Producer Steve Molaro are the producers of the upcoming show.

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The series will follow the single-camera format opposite Big Bang Theory’s use of multiple cameras angles. The story will center on Sheldon at 12 years old as a child prodigy. Casts also include Sheldon’s parents and siblings.

The show’s bosses are looking into airing the premier alongside Big Bang Theory Season 10. They are planning to let the two shows co-exist with each other. Sheldon, who is played by Emmy Winner Jim Parsons, will still be part of the Big Bang Theory.

He will not appear in the spinoff because the Sheldon in the show is in his teens. But he will serve as one of the executive producers of the show.

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According to Deadline Hollywood, this is a move of CBS and Warner Bros TV to secure their contract deals with Parsons and co-stars Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki. The TV comedy stars are earning $1 million per episode.

Among the audience around the 18-49 age range, Big Bang Theory is still the most watched TV program followed by NCIS and Sunday Night Football. The highly-successful show has a following of 18.5 million viewers.

The Big Bang Theory season 10 premiered last September 19 and airs every Thursday at 8pm on CBS.

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