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World War 3 News: USA vs Russia Best Video Game Simulations
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World War 3 News: USA vs Russia Best Video Game Simulations

Real-time strategy (RTS) game players will understand the need for complex but accurate battle simulations. However, the intensity of World War 3 simulations are also present in other gaming genres. The Gamers’ Drop presents the best World War 3 simulations in modern gaming.

However, it is important to understand that there is no too-accurate representation of World War 3. After all, recent developments in technology open quite a lot of options for the next devastating global conflict. Regardless, all current news point towards the escalating tensions between Russia and the United States. And with the elections coming up, it may be time to once again open the various possibilities of a global showdown.

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World War 3: At A Glance

Of course, what better way to simulate World War 3 but from a tactical point of view? A lot of games in the past focus on various iterations of conflict. Others, such as StarCraft and WarCraft tackle futuristic or fantasy settings of war and generate their own versions of catastrophic conflict.

Some of the most critically-acclaimed games of the past decade, however, are all related to World War 3. Here are some of those games.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

The popular RTS franchise takes yet another awesome twist in its latest iteration. Red Alert 3 stopped World War 2 with the usage of a time travel device. The Soviets assassinated Albert Einstein with the hopes that he would never get to discover the Theory of Relativity and pave way for the atomic bomb.

What instead happened was the generation of various technological advancements. The rise of the Empire of the Rising Sun in Asia also added a third party into the mix, effectively restarting World War 2 as World War 3.

Tom Clancy’s Endwar

Military literary genius Tom Clancy once again stuns fans and players with another realistic rendition of a world at war. However, unlike his classics where soldiers take a more stealthy approach, Tom Clancy’s Endwar depicts a war to end all wars.

A nuclear terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia in 2016 killed millions and plunged the world in an energy crisis. While the cooperation between the United States and the European Union practically “ended all nuclear warfare,” rising powers start to escalate conflicts further. When the space arms race reaches its peak, the world gets into an entirely new conflict – this time in space.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

Civilization fans will understand the need to include the entire franchise in the list. The game is a grand strategy game, which means not only combat is taken into account, but diplomacy as well.

However, unlike the other games in the list, Civilization players understand that there can even be no World War 1 in the first place. The game has such a depth of control that players can decide when to start wars, or when not to start one at all. And if World War 3 does happen, anything can happen at the behest of the player and his allies.

World War 3: From A Soldier’s View

While the above games do focus on the strategic role of players in preventing (or instigating) global conflict, some games offer to take players deep into the war. Some of the best moments in FPS gaming is taking into account both realistic depictions of weapons, and a new vision of war itself.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty is praised for its accurate depictions of both the harsh reality of war and action itself. The franchise is exclusively known for tackling various potential conflicts, from armored soldiers to space conflicts. However, Modern Warfare 3 starts with the onset of World War 3.

It continues from the events of Modern Warfare 2. A Russian terrorist instigates a large-scale war between the Russians and its neighbors. While the war itself isn’t that far off from modern events, its depiction puts players into the shoes of a soldier following orders – but when orders and morals collide, which is followed?


Fans of Fallout may be confused why the games are on the list. While the Fallout franchise involves the aftermath of a nuclear tragedy, its past reflects on an unseen global conflict.

The games are predicated on the premise that World War 3 plunged the world into almost total annihilation. Safe bunkers named Vaults have preserved what was left of humanity, and it’s up to players to discover their destiny. An interesting take on the game is to explore the harsh landscapes of the world to see what happens after a nuclear war. The sheer devastation and the lack of civilization proves that war is an extremely scary thing.


Homefront is a black sheep and an underdog in this list of widely-acclaimed games. However, the story of Homefront is a different take from the roles of players in large-scale conflicts. Unlike in the other games where players are “heroes” that are “stopping” a war – Homefront takes players in the place of a rebel.

The game depicts a resistance movement in the near future that is fighting against the military occupation of the United States. A unified Korea has launched a global campaign to conquer the world, and Homefront is just a retelling of what happened in the U.S. This is very different from the other games above, as their stories take place on a global scale.

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