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One Direction 2016: Zayn Malik Joins New Boy Band ‘Boys’

One Direction 2016: Zayn Malik Joins New Boy Band ‘Boys’

One Direction 2016 news updates have revealed that Zayn Malik will be joining a new boy band. This band is named Boys and will be part of his own television show as per rumors. Malik is striving hard to start his own television series.

One Direction 2016 rumors have been thick and fast about this scripted show named Boys. This is a collaboration between Malik and Dick and Noelle Wolf according to Mirror. Dick is best known for Law & Order and may help produce this show. The show will be based on the journey and formation of a successful boy band.

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Zayn Malik has already decided to take up a role in this series according to One Direction 2016 news. Zayn is reportedly in talks with other producers about appearing in at least two episodes. Zayn Malik is reportedly very eager to kick start his career as an actor. He is viewing this as a perfect opportunity for giving wings to that dream.

Why Malik Is Considering The Show

He will already have a high level of control over the show from a creative perspective. However, discussions are still going on. Malik may well play himself in this show. He is also serious about his role here as the executive producer. He is also viewing this as a platform to catapult him into more film and television work in the future.

Malik always wished to be an actor but abandoned this dream after The X Factor. This show saw Zayn joining the band he has said that “acting completely stopped”. He has also stated that he would be “interested if I was given the right part”.

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Even if Malik is not a part of the final cast, he is excited to work with Dick who is considered a television legend. Malik talked of how “Dick Wolf is a legend” and how “awesome” it feels to work with NBC and him on this drama series.

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