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Nostradamus Election Predictions 2016 True! Donald Trump Very Close to Winning
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Nostradamus Election Predictions 2016 True! Donald Trump Very Close to Winning

According to the latest election predictions, Donald Trump is very close to winning the duel. Nostradamus predictions certainly point at Trump’s victory through several veiled references. Even statistics are showing that Hillary Clinton’s margins are coming down in favor of Trump.

The Nostradamus election predictions, though ambiguous, point at a “false trumpet”. This is interpreted by many as a reference to Trump. This trumpet will make “Byzantium change its laws” which many believe to be an indication of his election victory. Additionally, Nostradamus predictions also contain phrases like “the great Senate will ordain the triumph” or even “the wall”.

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Many believe that these refer to Trump’s controversial wish to build a wall between the US and Mexico. They may also refer to his desire to change several laws and end treaties. We recently has reported that Nostradamus election predictions forecast a clear victory for Trump.

However, there are still doubters who have raised questions about the accuracy of the French seer’s predictions. Yet, believers talk of how it clearly points at a disruptive change in global politics. Many believe this to be pointing at Trump’s victory and the transformed policies and laws he would bring to the United States and world.

What Do The Stats Report? 

You can even check out all the latest poll statistics at USA Today. They do hint at Trump gaining lost ground. Hilary’s lead has reportedly been slipping, according to NewsWeek. Trump’s chances of victory have gone up to 35.7% as per reports.

Clinton holds a very slender 1.8 point lead at present. Support margins stand at 44.8% for Trump which is not far away from 46.6% for Clinton. Trump has recovered lost ground and may gain some more. He is very close to a final victory should the electoral college votes stand in his favor.

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An overwhelming majority of voters (51%) feel that Clinton has definitely been involved in illegal activity. However, only 26% of voters believe that Trump is involved in something illegal. This puts the odds in favor of Trump.

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