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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Deeks Proposes to Kensi; She Dumps Him

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Deeks Proposes to Kensi; She Dumps Him

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 updates have revealed that Deeks proposed to Kensi. However, to his disappointment, she turned him down. This came after Deeks continued being ultra supportive throughout Kensi’s recovery.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 news has also revealed that the NCIS team uncovered the past of a character. This was a maintenance man who saved a lieutenant commander’s life. Celeb Dirty Laundry has reported that Callen has gone undercover to search for an NSA agent. This agent reportedly vanished while an ISIS cell attempting to cross the Mexico border was being tracked.

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Callen will masquerade as a mental health hospital patient as part of this mission. The NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 episode also revealed that Kensi’s health had improved. Doctors, however, kept her in the hospital due to the slow pace of recovery.

Deeks was continually present at Kensi’s side and was even sleeping at the hospital every night. However, this continued to irritate Kensi and made Deeks groggy while at work. Everyone was trying to cheer up both Kensi and Deeks though.

Both Callen and Sam tried to get Deeks to think of other things. These included a question game taught to him by Sam’s daughter. Callen earlier asked Deeks whether he would rather fly or be invisible. To this, Deeks went absolutely blank and said that he did not care about such a silly game which wouldn’t aid Kensi.

More Interesting Updates 

Kensi continued to hate her slow recovery, snapping at doctors and Deeks. She even attempted a pity party with her physical therapist in attendance. Granger remained calm about his ailment and dealt with the latest case.

There remained questions about Tad Larsen’s killer and his vanishing partner Bruce Carter. Eric and Nell eventually found Bruce alive and this was a new twist in the tale. Bruce later clarified that an ISIS lead was being investigated when another analyst and Tad disappeared. Callen was investigating Gary at the mental health hospital. He found out that Gary was only pretending to be mad due to his fear of a corrupt analyst.

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Callen and his partner risked themselves to arrest the Banuelos Cartel leader. Kensi tried to walk again and got a leg wound after falling down. Deeks even tried joking about it to cheer Kensi. He showed her a ring and Kensi said no outright. Kensi did not want any such proposal while she was in a wheelchair.

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