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NBA Trade Rumors: Klay Thompson for Jimmy Butler; Poor Shooting Stats to Blame
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NBA Trade Rumors: Klay Thompson for Jimmy Butler; Poor Shooting Stats to Blame

NBA Trade Rumors are going berserk over recent talk of the Warriors trading Klay Thompson. As per rumors, the Warriors could trade Thompson and get Jimmy Butler in exchange. Thompson’s unimpressive shooting statistics may be the reason for this trade.

NBA Trade Rumors have pointed out that the Golden State Warriors were in talks with the Chicago Bulls earlier. This pertained to a possible trade for Jimmy Butler. According to Inquisitr, Klay Thompson may be traded off to teams like the Boston Celtics as well.

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Other NBA Trade Rumors talk of how the Celtics, Warriors and Bulls are all in talks. This may pertain to a three-way trade involving both Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler. This proposal will have the Warriors snapping up Butler and Bobby Portis. Klay Thompson will then join the Celtics.

The Bulls will also get Avery Bradley and Jaylen Brown with this deal. They will also secure the Brooklyn first round draft pick in the year 2018. Experts have confirmed that any such deal would be perfectly legal considering the NBA guidelines. However, all the franchises will have some big decisions to make.

Why The Warriors Will Benefit 

The Warriors would benefit from Butler taking Thompson’s spot in the team. Butler is considered a better prospect overall and the Warriors would hence benefit from the deal. CBS Sports has talked of how there are widespread concerns on Klay Thompson’s shooting abilities this season.

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The Warriors had a horrific loss to the Los Angeles Lakers after a four match winning streak. Thompson had an average of 42.5% from three and 22.1 points on 47% shooting last season. However, this season, this has gone down to 19.6% from three and 15.8 points on 38.4% shooting.

Thompson’s performance is better than only Robert Covington of the Sixers who pulls in at 19%. Klay Thompson has stated that “I’m not going to panic. I had a bad start last year, too”. Thompson may need some more time but these statistics are reportedly spurring the Warriors to trade him in exchange for Butler.

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